TINIL has a website. Please visit tinil.com

Tinil is a waypoint in France.

Airspace waypoints are made by 5 letters words which are relatively easy to pronounce. Because they are spoken on the radio between ATC and pilots. Tinil is such an easy to say word. It is a waypoint over France.


Above is the cockpit of OB a small one engine aircraft flying over France nearby TINIL.

Where is TINIL?

Appart from being on tinil.com, tinil as a waypoint can be seen here on this chart, just north of Dijon.


Tinil is on an arrival route to Paris CDG, coming in from the south east. So if you fly over TINIL there is a 90% chance you are going into CDG; otherwise Beauvais 9%.
Enjoy the flying.

TINIL website

The TINIL website is simple, yet it follows most recommendations, with 100% success from google tools:

TINIL website

Tinil and a flying trip to Brazil.

Tinil est libre de hack! Photos Bresil: Fly adventure Brazil and Flying trip Brazil

There are many waypoints all over the airspace. Here are a few: